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You has started filming season 4 according to the show’s official Instagram account and fans are ready to break down the hidden details of You‘s past three seasons. The show has kept fans on their toes by weaving murder with satire, creating a complicated protagonist who audiences love to hate, and bringing the thrilling series to one of the scariest settings possible in season 3: the suburbs.

Fans on Reddit have watched and rewatched You, comparing their favorite characters and storylines. But they’ve also pointed out potential plot holes, contradictions, and loose ends that the series should resolve for season 4 of You to make much sense.


Love’s Baking Was Her Stress Response

Love Quinn in her kitchen on You Season 2

One Reddit user, duanekim, remembered a detail from season 2 that stuck in their mind and prompts questions about Love’s behavior once she moves to her new neighborhood in season 3: “I thought it was interesting Love chose to open a bakery – in season 2, her friends say Love cooks when she’s happy, but bakes when she’s stressed.”

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With a big move and a new community to impress, Love knew she would need a new livelihood. However, as a new mom and someone married to a bonafide serial killer, Love has certainly been under a lot of stress since her departure from Los Angeles, which would explain her turn toward comfort foods. Though, sadly, her new town, Madre Linda, is full of health-obsessed parents and would-be influencers.

The Bakery Doesn’t Make Much Sense

Love Quinn in her bakery on You Season 3

Another Redditor, ConorForReal, pointed out an issue with the bakery, and it wasn’t its lack of sales. They argue, “They had that thing up and running in a week, constantly stacked with baked goods, and I didn’t see one other employee the entire time.”

It seems clear that the bakery was used as a plot device for writers to show Love interacting with the town and its dietary restrictions unsuccessfully. Love’s parents seemed to finance the venture – as well as Love and Joe’s suburban home – but her business plan never really added up.

Love’s Friend Group Disappeared

Love Quinn and her friends standing around a table full of food on You Season 2

Several Redditors found themselves wondering how Love transitioned socially from Los Angeles, especially when she was formerly a part of a long-standing friend group. cherrybombbb asked, “what happened to that tight group of friends of hers? did she fool them all? are they still friends? they just disappeared.”

However, Reddit user throwaway8181832373 came to the thread with a possible explanation; “I remember there was a moment in the starting episodes we saw love’s history of chats on her phone and there was her chat with Lucy and Sunrise which had a message something like we miss you.” Whether Love has kept in touch with old friends or used her pregnancy as an excuse to disappear into the suburbs, her husband Joe has had plenty of practice starting over socially.

Joe Left Ellie Without Support

Ellie and Joe walking up to their apartment building on Season 2 of You

A number of fans had a bone to pick with the end of the series, which showed Joe strolling through Paris. Redditor ValenciaM18 mused, “Guess Ellie isn’t gonna be receiving money anymore, just another kid Joe left behind.” Though Joe had already left Ellie behind in LA when he started a family, he still sent money to her, and his obligation was frequently mentioned in his season 3 voiceovers.

However, if Joe was able to kill his wife and give his baby away to a better home, it seems as though he may no longer be honoring his former responsibilities. And since he faked his death, it would be easier to track him if he continued sending a steady stream of money to an old contact. Still, leaving Ellie unassisted certainly isn’t the worst thing Joe Goldberg has done on You.

Joe and Love’s Baby Doesn’t Cry

Joe Goldberg investigating with baby Henry strapped to his chest on on You

A detail that likely went over many fans’ heads was picked up by a deleted user on Reddit; “Best behaved child on the planet didn’t cry in 4 episodes.” Young Henry may have an angelic disposition, or maybe producers realized that a crying baby would eventually drive viewers mad.

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Though Joe and Love are depicted as sleep-deprived new parents and they discuss their struggles to adjust to life as a family, it seems like baby Henry was always game for a field trip to the library or a staring contest with his sociopathic father.

Joe Leaves Fingerprints At Every Crime Scene

Joe Goldberg wearing a blue baseball cap and looking over his shoulder on You

Some fans realized Joe isn’t the most meticulous murderer. Redditor Vic_mun18 asked, “WHY DIDNT THEY USE FREAKING GLOVES?!?! THEIR FINGERPRINTS WERE EVERYWHERE!!!” Fellow user crimsonraiden agreed, commenting, “The whole time I was watching and thinking the same thing! How are the police not catching them?”

In the Joe Goldberg universe, perhaps fingerprint technology isn’t common practice, especially considering that Joe has committed murders across the country. But it would be pretty easy for Joe to add gloves to his undercover uniform, aka, his generic baseball cap, which has been a key inspiration for You meme content since the first season.

Writers Referenced Gone Girl

Rosamund Pike looking over her shoulder in Gone Girl

Since You belongs to the canon of thriller novels adapted by Hollywood, it adds up that there are plenty of homages to other murderous pieces of pop culture. Reddit user lilyturtle pointed out a moment that reminded her of the murderous wife in the movie Gone Girl. They wrote, “Did anyone else feel like they made Loves last monologue felt a little too Gone-girl-esk? … like you could tel me Love wrote the cool girl monologue and i would believe you.”

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This parallel may have been an intentional choice by the writers to illustrate Love’s predictability as the disgruntled wife as well as her unjustifiable actions. CletoParis also noticed another allusion to the film, which could have been a signal that writers wanted fans to draw this parallel. They commented, “I thought it was interesting how Natalie checked out ‘Gone Girl’ from the library in the beginning of season 3.”

Sherry’s Kids Are Never Around

Sherry and Cary Conrad sitting and smiling on Season 3 of You

Sherry and Cary were originally portrayed from Love and Joe’s perspective, which painted them as shallow and social media-driven. Redditors also doubted the couple’s sincerity when it came to their children; Maddisuun wrote on the thread, “I thought it was kinda weird that Sherry is this momfluencer and her kids are her pride and joy, but you literally never see her with her kids except maybe once for a second.”

Redditor One_Movie9957 argued that Sherry and Cary were used as a conduit for the town’s larger attitude and that her kids’ lack of screen time wasn’t a plot hole. “Sherry’s whole character is a commentary on influencers who use other people’s lives as props for their social media brand, and perhaps to some extent the kind of family vloggers that use their own kids for clout.” The parents in Madre Linda may have messed up priorities, but they have made for excellent You meme content in season 3.

The Show Seems Unfocused

Joe Goldberg looking to the side and a blurred background on You

Viewers also found a technical choice in You season 3 had them questioning the creators’ thought-process. Redditor TequilaKid98 asked the forum, “Did anyone else notice how unfocused it would show on the sides and then focus on their faces only. I don’t know why but this bugged me so much.” VillainsGonnaVil answered them, writing, “My guess is it’s on purpose as to remind us that Joe is an unreliable narrator, but who knows.”

This distinct visual style is represented throughout the show’s three seasons, but it seemed more disruptive in season 3. Perhaps it was meant to lend a dreamy, surreal feeling to the suburban setting; or the blur on the edges of the screen may reflect Love and Joe’s steady loss of clarity.

Love’s Suicide Note

Love Quinn in You Season 3 Episode 10

When Joe wrote Love’s suicide note, viewers had a split reaction. liziwis commented, “I feel like anyone that knew her would be able to read that note and realize that she didn’t write it,” while itismekevinc said, “I think that’s sort of the point, considering it was a fake suicide note written by Joe.”

Viewers have experienced Joe’s literary flare in past seasons – and suicide notes – but his lack of effort in writing Love’s may have been a product of rushed delivery, or even an intentional erasure of her voice. Redditor dontstopbelievingman explained, “Given Joe was writing it, I think he was trying to give a very warped perception of Love.”

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