The PropTech Company That Helps Condos And Apartment Buildings Reduce Their Carbon Footprint


While Tribe states that solving the inefficiencies and lack of communication that plague traditional property management workflows is its primary focus, it’s also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the properties that use its tech. Here’s how Tribe reports making community living as eco-friendly as possible.

Is Community Living Already The Greener Option?

The environmental potential of community living doesn’t get as much press coverage as more trendy climate solutions like electric vehicles or solar power (both of which are also helpful). Even so, apartment buildings and high-density neighborhoods could offer a lot of environmental benefits that single-family homes don’t.

Energy consumption decreases by about half on average compared to the same size household in a single-family home. Multifamily living also uses less land per person than single homes, freeing up more land for farms or reforestation.

On top of the decreased use of land and energy, community living also creates opportunities for resource sharing. When a multifamily complex shares one laundry room, for example, multiple households can share a handful of washers and dryers, reducing water consumption and energy consumption — all while saving money for residents who no longer need to foot the bill of owning and maintaining their own in-unit washer and dryer.

Tribe says it is helping maximize that inherent eco-friendliness of community living by creating more opportunities to share resources.

One example of that is its partnership with Telus Corp., a major Canadian telecommunications company. Through the partnership, Telus offers bundled internet, phone and TV packages — all of which are ready when a tenant moves in because Tribe’s newly built communities are already hooked up and ready for service to be turned on.

Its expanding suite of digital tools are meant to make community living easier and more streamlined with services like online rent payments, community platforms and better communication with landlords to get repairs and other issues resolved quickly.

But it also helps lower the carbon footprint of condos and apartments by reducing dependence on paper. With online applications, digital lease signing and 24/7 access to securely stored documents and information, Tribe states that its proptech solutions are all but eliminating the need to ever deal with paper.

Sustainable Solutions Offered Through Partnerships

The company says it is also dedicated to finding creative ways to add new eco-friendly options to its expanding portfolio of services.

With the Eddy Solutions partnership announced last October, for example, Tribe will install Eddy’s smart water monitoring devices in its own properties as well as in those of its real estate developer partners.

The smart devices offer leak detection and water usage monitoring along with real-time alerts to help buildings improve water efficiency while detecting leaks or risks sooner to reduce water waste and prevent severe water damage.

In another move, Tribe announced a partnership with Fresh Prep last November and has begun offering a discounted rate for its communities, giving them more affordable access to Canada’s leading zero-waste meal kit delivery service.

As a zero-waste meal delivery service, Fresh Prep meals feature seasonal ingredients delivered in reusable packages that subscribers then return by simply leaving them to be picked up during their next meal delivery.

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