Investments in Renewable Energy to Boost Japan Construction Market Growth


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The market is projected to grow at an AAGR of less than 1% during the period 2023-2026

LONDON, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Japan construction market size was valued at $593.3 billion in 2021. This growth will be supported by investments in the renewable energy, telecommunication, and manufacturing sectors, which will act as major market drivers.

The Japan construction market report provides detailed market growth, analysis, information and insights into Japan’s construction industry. It provides detailed analysis of both review and forecast construction industry output values at market and category levels and offers project pipeline analysis. It is an essential tool for companies active in Japan’s construction industry, and for new competitors considering entering the industry.

Japan Construction Market Outlook

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Japan Construction Market Sectors

  • Commercial Construction

  • Industrial Construction

  • Infrastructure Construction

  • Energy And Utilities Construction

  • Institutional Construction

  • Residential Construction

The growth of the commercial construction sector in 2022 will be supported by the recovery of tourism inflows, the wholesale and retail trade sectors, and investments in data center projects. The sub-sectors in this sector include leisure and hospitality buildings, office buildings, outdoor leisure facilities, retail buildings, and other commercial construction. The pipeline includes all projects from pre-planning to the execution stage. It is skewed towards late-stage projects, with the majority of the pipeline value being in projects in the execution stage as of January 2022. The pipeline includes a share of mixed-use developments, which comprise commercial and residential elements.

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Leading Construction Contractors in Japan

Leading Construction Consultants in Japan

  • Sekkei Ltd

  • Nihon Sekkei Inc.

  • Nippon Koei Co. Ltd

  • Mitsubishi Group

  • Research Institute of Architecture

  • Japan Port Consultants Ltd

  • Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd

  • Mori Building Co. Ltd

  • East Japan Railway Co.

  • Chick Russell and Co.

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Japan Construction Market Report Scope

This report provides:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the construction industry in Japan.

  • Historical and forecast valuations of the construction industry in Japan, featuring details of key growth drivers.

  • Segmentation by sector (commercial, industrial, infrastructure, energy and utilities, institutional and residential) and by sub-sector

  • Analysis of the mega-project pipeline, including breakdowns by development stage across all sectors, and projected spending on projects in the existing pipeline.

  • Listings of major projects, in addition to details of leading contractors and consultants.

Reasons to Buy

  • Identify and evaluate market opportunities using GlobalData’s standardized valuation and forecasting methodologies.

  • Assess market growth potential at a micro-level with over 600 time-series data forecasts.

  • Understand the latest industry and market trends.

  • Formulate and validate strategy using GlobalData’s critical and actionable insight.

  • Assess business risks, including cost, regulatory and competitive pressures.

  • Evaluate competitive risk and success factors.

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What was the Japan construction market size in 2021?

The construction market size in Japan was valued at $593.3 billion in 2021.

What is the Japan construction market growth rate?

The construction market in Japan is projected to grow at an AAGR of less than 1% during the period 2023-2026.

What are the key sectors in the Japan construction market?

The key sectors in the Japan construction market are commercial construction, industrial construction, infrastructure construction, energy and utilities construction, institutional construction, and residential construction.

Who are the key contractors in the Japan construction market?

The key contractors in the Japanese construction market are Obayashi Corp., Taisei Corp., Shimizu Corp., Toda Corp., Kajima Corp., The Zenitaka Corp., Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd, Toshiba Corp., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd, and Takenaka Corp.

Who are the key consultants in the Japan construction market?

The key consultants in the Japanese construction market are Nikken Sekkei Ltd, Nihon Sekkei Inc., Nippon Koei Co. Ltd, Mitsubishi Group, Research Institute of Architecture, Japan Port Consultants Ltd, Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd, Mori Building Co. Ltd, East Japan Railway Co., and Chick Russell and Co.

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