How Providing Value Will Make Your Business Go Further {No Matter What}

👉Tune in for this episode and discover how you can build a thriving photography business while living the best life possible.
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Photographers can’t make decent money and live a good life at the same time.

Well, that’s already a thing of the past!

Joining me in today’s episode of Performance Marketer are two of my friends, Sarah and Erin.

Sarah and Erin had done remarkable things even before the internet became a thing. And they are here to generously share with us how they built a thriving photography business while caring for their family and living a well-balanced life.

They’re the living proof that between having a life and money, you don’t necessarily have to pick one; you can have both!

And in today’s episode of Performance Marketer, we’ll talk about

– the process of creating a high-ticket coaching program
– challenges of running a photography business
– how to scale up a photography business
– and a whole lot more…

If you love to take pictures and turn them into a profitable business, or if you already have a photography business and are wondering how you can get consistent bookings while having a life, then this one is for you. Make sure to tune in to today’s episode!

Let’s dive right in!

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