FMVA Certification Explained | Career Prospects, Jobs, Salaries, Pattern & More


If you are someone who is interested in learning the art of financial modeling and understanding how professions in the industry actually value a business, a certification course that might help you is that of Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst or FMVA.
A program under which you can learn practical applications of accounting, Excel, finance, financial model valuation, presentations and other skills that financial analysts would need at some point in their careers.
But is the time and money spent on doing the course worth it?
What are some jobs that you might get after the course? Are salaries lucrative?
Oshin Sharma took a deep dive into the FMVA in this episode of Know Your Exam, where she talks about the pattern, careers prospects, jobs, salaries and most importantly whether you should be opting for it or not!

Let us know in the comments, what is your opinion on the FMVA and the craze around it,
Also let us know about what you would like us to cover in the next episodes of KYE.
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